When you update the files for a specific variant you may want to notify all previous customers. This can also be used for pre-orders of a product where you attach the files after the initial purchase and then notify all customers that their files are ready.

  • Visit https://skypilotapp.com/products

  • Select your product and product variant

  • Update files/videos for a given product

  • Click the gear dropdown in the top right

  • Click Notify Customers

  • Fill in email subject and body with the content you would like to send to past purchasers

  • Click Submit

This will notify all previous customers who purchased this item while Sky Pilot was installed in your Shopify store.

In order to maximize deliverability of standard Sky Pilot notifications bulk notifications are currently limited variants with less than 5,000 orders/notifications. For updates with more than 5,000 notifications we recommend using a mailing app such as Klaviyo or ActiveCampaign.

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