iOS Device such as iPhones and iPads only support downloading of specific types of files(depending on the apps installed) and will not allow the downloading of music or audio files.  Unfortunately there is no workaround for this as downloads like this are prevented by Apple and this cannot be change by anyone but Apple.

For this reason if you are selling videos and your customers are using iOS devices we recommend you use our Vimeo integration to sell streaming access.

For other file types we recommend trying out yourself.  If the file cannot be downloaded we recommend you disable iOS downloads.

Once you do this customers who try to download on a iOS device will be presented with a message that tells them the file can only be downloaded on a computer and that they will need to download on a computer and then transfer the files to their iOS device.

If Apple ever allows for downloads we will do all we can to support this, however for now there is nothing we can do until Apple removes this restriction from their devices.

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