When Migrating over to Sky Pilot, there are a few steps you need to take to ensure a smooth transition between your digital downloads app.

Before uninstalling your current digital downloads app, you would want to install Sky Pilot first. We would want to make sure that your customers can still access and download their content during this transition.

Once Sky Pilot is installed, you would want to launch the app and head over to Settings > Integrations. From here you would want to select Import previous orders.

The next step here is to start creating your digital products on Sky Pilot. Head over to the products tab and start uploading your files to your products. Depending on the file size of your products, you might need to upgrade your Sky Pilot plan.

Once you have all your products in order, the final step is to double check the downloads URL path is correct. Head over to your Shopify admin and go to Settings> Apps and sales channel. From here you would want to choose Sky Pilot from the list. Under App proxy

Double check that the URL ends as .myshopify.com/apps/downloads.

We want to make sure here that you do not have other digital downloads app on the same proxy URL otherwise this will not work. If you do have another URL that is the same, edit the other first by adding -1 to the URL.

E.g .myshopify.com/apps/download-1 (The number 1 can be replaced with any numeric value)

Now you can safely uninstall your previous digital downloads app.

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