Introducing our brand new Integration with SproutVideo for all your video hosting needs! SproutVideo provides an easy to use all in one embedded video hosting solution for your viewers. We support all Sprout privacy settings; including password protection and login protection.

By integrating with Sprout, customers can access your videos directly through an Embedded player from your store. Connecting your Sprout account to your store using Sky Pilot is a quick 2 step integration. As with other connected videos, you can set a number of days after which the file will expire and a limit to the number of downloads available per order.


1. From the Sky Pilot dashboard you want to head over to Settings>Integrations> Add Sprout Account.

2. A second window will pop-up asking you to confirm the integration by logging into your Sproutvideo account and authorising Sky Pilot.

Once the account is connected to Sky Pilot, you can freely attach your videos to your products. This will allow your customers to purchase the product and access the corresponding video content.

Additional tip

We do periodic syncs with your video hosting provider a few times during the day. If you upload a new video to Sprout and cannot see it in Sky Pilot, simply hit the Reimport button to refresh the system and pull any updates.

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